Luxury Underlay


Our Luxury Underlay will secure your Weaver Green Rug on top of any textile floor covering or hard flooring surface, with a comfortable cushioned feel.
The light cushioning effect allows the underlay and the rug to breathe, with no risk of oxidation or discoloration to any flooring surface.

When placing on top of carpeting, place the underlay black side down.

When placing on smooth flooring, place the underlay grey side down.

Available in a range of pre-cut sizes compatible to your Weaver Green Rug. 

**Please note when ordering for a 300cm x 250cm rug, it will be 2 separate pieces, due to the width of the roll of underlay**

All our textiles and rugs are hand loomed, so some variations in colour and size can be expected.

Please note that as we have designed our recycled plastic bottle yarn to look and feel like natural wool, some pilling can occur, as can some yarn snagging on our looser weaves.

*Cleaning Guide – hoover loose debris then hand wash using a light detergent. Allow to air dry naturally. Smaller rugs can be machine washed at 30 degrees, using a non – biological washing powder. Do not tumble dry.

100% recycled, Environmentally friendly, ethically produced, practical and gorgeous rugs and textiles ...