Our story

People often ask how it came to be that a cider-maker and flooring specialist ended up making recycled plastic rugs and textiles from discarded plastic bottles. It's a fair question, and one we're only too happy to answer.

How it started

It all started when our founders, Tasha and Barney were travelling in Asia and stumbled across a rudimentary fishing rope, made from unraveled plastic bottles. Used to tether fishing boats, the rope was both strong and waterproof, and offered a moment of inspiration. Could some of the world's plastic waste be turned into a useful and practical yarn?

With a history in the flooring industry, Barney was no stranger to the intricacies of textile making, while Tasha’s organic drinks business and love of antiques gave the couple a strong design and environmental ethos. The opportunity to help clear up some of the 35 billion plastic bottles that end up discarded every year was too good to miss and soon, Tasha and Barney were exploring the many ways that this practical, robust material could be given a second chance at long-term use within our homes and gardens.

The biggest challenge was perfecting the means to turn hard plastic into lovely open fibres that would provide all of the softness and texture of wool. It took 7 years to create the perfect textile, that not only has the look and feel of wool, but is also machine washable, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

How it's going

Today, back in their Devonshire home, Tasha, Barney and the team are excited to offer a huge range of beautiful recycled products that offer all the benefits of plastic without any compromise in style or texture.

As the brand has grown, we've been able to find ways of improving the sustainability of our processes and we continue to be committed to having a positive impact on the planet.

We hand-loom all our lovely textiles and use artisans throughout Europe and Asia. We take care to ensure that everyone in our supply chain is treated fairly and paid accordingly. Our weavers in India and Turkey are independently inspected to ensure the safe and fair working conditions of their employees.

Opening our new showroom

In 2021, Her Royal Highness Queen Camilla officially opened our beautiful new South Devon showroom. Home to our fantastic range of recycled plastic textiles, our new HQ also has a coffee shop, bar and stunning outdoor terrace with beautiful views of the Avon Valley.

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