Diamond Rugs

diamond rug with weaver green accessories

Available in a range of classic colours including dove grey and navy, these handwoven, machine washable Diamond patterned rugs have a distinctive, slightly antiqued, geometric pattern that looks great in any room. 

Complete the look by pairing up a diamond rug with our range of
diamond blankets and throws.

The softer weave rugs - OsloBrighton StripeProvenceHerringboneChenille and these Diamond rugs are a looser open weave product, lending them to age like a wool product and piling and slight snagging can occur in higher traffic areas. For an even tougher hardier option, try a JunoKasbahNomad or Iris design.

If you're planning on using one of our rugs on a stone or wooden floor, we recommend purchasing our non-slip rug underlay, perfect for a busy hallway.

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