Beautiful, practical rugs and textiles made 100% from recycled plastic bottles

We are hugely excited to unveil our brand new, stylish yet practical, indoor and outdoor rugs and textiles, made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

Weaver Green textiles look and feel like wool, but are crafted by weaving together strands of recycled plastic bottles to create stunning, environmentally friendly accessories for your home and garden.

Too many plastic bottles end up littering our seas, where they eventually break down into tiny pieces that are eaten by marine wildlife and enter the food chain. There are lots of clever people working on innovations to address our planet’s ever-increasing plastic problem, but recycling remains one of the most effective solutions currently available.

With between 100 and 750 recycled 50cl plastic PET bottles used to make each rug, Weaver Green offers an ethical, environmentally friendly, design-led, flooring option to decorate your home or garden.

Added to that, they are incredibly practical, easy to clean, stain resistant, hard-wearing and completely waterproof – making them the perfect indoor or outdoor rug.

Browse our collections to discover your new favourite home accessory (link).

Contact us with any enquiries about our product range (link).

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