Dove Grey Juno Rug

£67.00 – £765.00

Our Dove Grey Juno Rugs are tightly woven for extra durability making them perfect for high traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways. Soft and warm underfoot, they are stain resistant, machine washable and made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

110cm x 60cm (£67)110cm x 60cm (£67)
150cm x 90cm (£138)150cm x 90cm (£138)
180cm x 120cm (£220)180cm x 120cm (£220)
240cm x 70cm (£170)240cm x 70cm (£170)
240cm x 170cm (£415)240cm x 170cm (£415)
300cm x 250cm (£765)300cm x 250cm (£765)