Teal Provence Rug

£40.00 – £440.00

Add some colour to your home with our gorgeous Teal Provence Rugs. Soft and warm like wool, they're perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and studies. Machine washable and stain resistant, it's hard to believe they are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!

110cm x 60cm (£40)110cm x 60cm (£40)
150cm x 90cm150cm x 90cm
180cm x 120cm (£132)180cm x 120cm (£132)
240cm x 70cm (£105)240cm x 70cm (£105)
240cm x 170cm (£245)240cm x 170cm (£245)
300cm x 250cm (£440)300cm x 250cm (£440)