Lichen Provence Rug

£40.00 – £440.00

Our Lichen Provence Rugs are a fabulous option for bedrooms, bathrooms and the quieter spaces around the home. Made with a loose, open weave these wonderfully soft rugs offer all the benefits of wool yet are stain resistant, machine washable and made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

110cm x 60cm (£40)110cm x 60cm (£40)
150cm x 90cm (£85)150cm x 90cm (£85)
180cm x 120cm (£132)180cm x 120cm (£132)
240cm x 70cm (£105)240cm x 70cm (£105)
240cm x 170cm (£245)240cm x 170cm (£245)
300cm x 250cm (£440)300cm x 250cm (£440)